Our Staff

The Birdhouse Project is run by volunteers. The staff members range from students to professionals in many fields who contribute their unique talents.

General Producer: Hiroki Yoshino
Director: Tomomi Takenaka, ŽRŠİ ËW
Photography: ²X–Ø ’qK,ŽO‹´ ˆêŽ÷,ã–ì ´t
Illustration: ‹à “lçé.Maria Joao Durao
Exhibition& Catalogue Design: ‘êŒû ‹M”üŽq,‹´–{ Cˆê,”ìŒã Œ’Žu
Translation: ¬¼ º,–¼“nŽR —R‹I
HP/DVD Design: ‹´–{ Cˆê
Garden/Landscape design: ”óŒû —D,‰iˆä —Ç
Management: •ž•” ‹ÏŽj

Scenes of staff activities in picture

Birdhouse Project original music "A scene with a birdhouse"
Composer: “¿•O•¶•¼“cKˆê