The concept of the Birdhouse Project is spreading among educational institutions such as universities, community colleges, vocational schools and high schools. On this page, we introduce schools whose approach towards the project is especially unique.

Kyushu Sangyo University
The Engineering Department Research Committee Birdhouse Project is formed.
One topic discussed during professional seminars for freshmen enrolled in the architecture department is architectural and environmental education. Students create a birdhouse to explore ideas of what the future may hold for our environment and the symbiotic relationship between nature and man. During these seminars students worked on the concept, design, and drawing of their ideas. Those who were motivated to complete their birdhouse went on to form the group named Engineering Department Research Committee Birdhouse Project.

Contents of activities (PDF files)
The First Exhibition/November 2009
(As part of the 44th Fukuoka City Art Festival)
Kyushu Sangyo University/Kyushu Zokei Art College community gallery 'East Wings'

Summer Open Campus Event/July 2009
'Propagating Birdhouse'

Currently, the Birdhouse Project has started at Nagoya Zokei University and high schools in Hiroshima. They are each promoting their own Birdhouse Project. We will introduce their activities on this page shortly.