Our participation in International Conference of “Global Citizen’s Conference 2010: The United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)”.

On 10th of September 2010, we were invited to give presentation and participate in poster sessions at an international conference at Ikebukro Campus of Rikkyo University. As the agenda focused on “Growing Asian ESD activities: Expand, communicate and make it visible”, the keynote speech was made by Mr. Kartikeya Sarabhai of Centre for Environment Education in India, followed by sectional meetings in the 2nd session where “Development in farming community”, “Climate changes” and “Urban Sustainability” were discussed mainly by the members who had been participating in “Asian ESD” activities. Our Birdhouse Project presentation was done in the 3rd session “Corporate ESD activities”. Within limited allocation of 15 minutes, we explained our concept and past activities by PowerPoint presentation. <more details>

Upcoming Birdhouse Exhibition

Project, "Visual Communication Designer-Designed Birdhouses",
just launched

The latest project, "Visual Communication Designer-Designed Birdhouses"has been launched. Two Italian groups has been announcing to join it.
We will continue to negotiate with other creators worldwide for the completion of their work in March 2010. Currently, we are under negotiation with Korean movie directors in Soul. <more details>

"2009 China International Industrial Expo: Shanghai World Design Forum" "2009 Korea Space Design Institute Fall Research Convention"
Lectures given by Mr. Yoshino

Recent Birdhouse Lectures

On November 1st 2009, Mr. Yoshino, chief director of the Birdhouse Project, spoke at the "2009 Korea Space Design Institute Fall Research Convention" about activities of the Birdhouse Project. Approximately 80 participants including designers, architects, and professors intently listened to his speech. On November 3rd , at the "2009 China International Industrial Expo: Shanghai World Design Forum" attended by the mayor of Shanghai and about 250 corporate representatives, he spoke about creation of design and the world expo. <more details>

Other Lectures by Birdhouse Project

5/13/2009 Workshop for the executives at JR Western Japan HQ
6/28/2009 Lecture at Setagaya Cultural Foundation
9/24/2009 Lecture at GK Design Organization