Project, "Visual Communication Designer-Designed Birdhouses",
just launched


The latest project, "Visual Communication Designer-Designed Birdhouses"has been launched. Two Italian groups has been announcing to join it.
We will continue to negotiate with other creator all over the world for completion of their work in March, 2010. Some works will be presentedby visual tool, some may be presented in the unique way. Project progress will be shown.

Meeting with Studio Azzurro

Studio Azzurro was established by Mr. Fabio Cirifino (originally photographer), Mr. Paolo Rosa (movie creator) and Mr. Leonardo Sangiorgi (originally creator of Graphic and Animation). They create environmental video installation by using multi monitor. These days, make interactive work by Projector.

Studio Azzurro (with office staff)

Staff of Mr. Toscani

Mr. Toscani (with office staff)

Studied photograph at Zurich, shoot photo for fashion magazine such as "ELLE", "VOGUE". Contracted with Benetton at 1983 and pick up AIDS, Racism, Warfare and Capital Punishment System, straight in the eye. Those works are far beyond of advertising photographic.Extraordinary his works evoked arguments all over the world.

I'm also staff!!

He has farm for his original wine.