Industrial Designer-Designed Birdhouses


Toshiyuki Kita

Tucker Vimeister

Sudhakar Nadkarni

Once I had a dream.
I grew wings on my back
And was flying in the sky.
"Look at that!"
Birds were in the woods and in the sky
They were whispering something each other.
"That's a man,"chirped the birds.
"They break down our nests and build their own."
When the birds pinched
My wings lightly with their beaks,
I was back to the world where I was in the beginning.
And I started to look around me.
It was true.
Just as the birds were whispering
We were wrong.
So I decided to draw a plan of house for birds
Letting my feeling take control,
Freeing myself from rule-binding design.
The birds paid their price for us,
And we have to repay them
For everything.
I hope the birds and us can come closer
By putting these houses for birds.
Reaffirm that plants and animals in nature live together
Listen to the voices of living creatures sing to the rhythm of seasons
And the sound full of joy and beauty.
We exist together and we are one.
That's the message we will know.
Dear birdies,
Thank you for giving me back
My half-forgotten wings.

Seymour Powell

Born in 1938. After obtaining an MA in applied art in Bombay, he studied industrial design in Germany. He is currently employed as a professor of the Industrial Design Centre, Bombay, working as an organizer of environmental or product design for public institutes (Voltas, Ministry of HRD Industry, Reliance Industry, Crompton Greaves, etc.). His theses have been introduced overseas, and he is also a current member of the ICSID.

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